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Hi friends! Happy almost Friday! Thank you all so much for the kindness, support and just words in general on my last post. I appreciate it more than you can imagine – and I realize I say this with every post, but I truly mean it. It is so important to express your life – the good and the bad. We are human beings and we are meant to relate to one another, to lift one another up and to constantly and consciously remind each other that we are never alone in our journeys.

Ever since I’ve backed off of my work load a bit, I’ve been feeling so much better.  I feel that a lot of my anxiety was stemming from my desire to be “perfect” or prove to myself that I could do so much, when really, I was doing so little in the aspect of my health and mental state. Not to mention I was really constipated – a spot-on sign of stress and imbalance, dead serious and an even more reason I was being a poopy bitch. Perfection does not exist – something that I struggle with still – and I should not strive for perfection, but I should strive to cultivate happiness.

Today I just wanted to share a few words which will probably turn into a whole Alphabet Soup bowl of words, so feel free to skim, unless you’re hungry for more. Alphabet Soup is pretty delicious though, just throwing that out there.

These are a few things that I’ve been striving to remind myself of daily to cultivate my own little bliss mode & happiness;  I sincerely hope they can cultivate some happiness in your life, too:

Celebrate your abilities: I realize that years from now I will no longer be able to wake up at 4:30am to hit the weights, sneeze without springing a leak, run sprints as fast as I can now, read without glasses or squat til I’m a big booty hoe. But until then, I need to indulge in the fact that I can and really embrace it, enjoy it and celebrate it while still nurturing those abilities and allowing myself to grow comfortably, but without limitation.

Forgive: mama always told you to forgive and forget (and eat your vegetables, except for lima beans, those little shits are disgusting, still, at age 24 NOPE NOPE NOPE.) Don’t pay mind to the “forget” notion in that scheme, but do forgive.  We are pursuing our own joy, so keep in mind that when one does you wrong, the best thing to do over lashing out at them is to simply move on, or even pray for them. Offer them some kind of kindness; those who do us wrong are generally the people who need love the most. It’s incredibly unfortunate that some people have to bring others down to bring themselves up, but we all have different ways of seeking our joy…accept it, heal, move on. It’s ok to be angry, at someone, but it’s not ok to wallow in that anger or act upon it. If you feed the flame, chances are, you’ll both end up getting burned. Forgiveness frees your mind, your life, your now.

Keep in mind that you aren’t defined by your physical body: dammit I still have days where I feel like a rhinoceros and I know I will always have those days. I have accepted that fact, but I refuse to let it waste my time. My physical appearance shows no indication of my soul (except maybe my smile.) And I love my soul.

Smile: see above.

 Gratitude: get some. Find something to be grateful for every single day. Even if you’re having a shit day – we all have them – but we all also have the ability to take control of our shit. Instead of spreading your shit (that’s nasty) think of ways to rid yourself of it. Plan a date with a friend or someone else you love, buy yourself a cup of coffee (instant happiness) maybe go for a run. Do something that fulfills you and BAM, graciousness, served up on a silver platter. See, you DO have things to be grateful for, even amongst the seemingly worst days. It’s your choice, really.

Run around naked: not in public, obviously, that’s illegal in most states…I think. If not, then by all means I ain’t stoppin you. Seriously, though, sleep naked, walk around your house naked, spend an entire day in the nude, poke your belly button, be immature about it. Get comfortable with yourself and the way that you were naturally dressed. We all have jiggly bits, freckly areas and parts of our body that seem “off” and maybe a little daunting, but in reality, they’re just simply molecules that make up your physical being and house your soul (see “Keep in mind that you aren’t defined by your physical body” above.) Plus, running around naked is hilarious and it’s free.

Eat dessert if you truly want dessert*: almost every night I’ve been having a pre-bed treat. It not only satisfies my taste buds, but it also satisfies my cravings, which sometimes I really don’t give into when I truly should. Coming from someone who once deprived themselves of such things, it feels good to be able to indulge at times, although most of the time my nightly dessert is relatively nutrient-dense with a few added extras. Don’t listen to the articles, the magazines and the people who tell you that eating after dinner or past a certain hour is bad for you.  Some nights, though, I just want to snuggle…I call that soul dessert. *I realize that some people who are leaning towards certain nutritional goals may not agree with me here, but keep in mind this is just what’s been making me happy.

And lastly, invite people into your life: be genuinely yourself, no apologies; doing this will allow you to cultivate happiness through connecting with those who truly want to connect with you. Be open to them, be kind and accepting. Most importantly – be yourself, putting on a façade will only attract those into your life that maybe aren’t the best for you.

What have you done lately to cultivate your happiness?

Peace and love!


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  1. Great post!! I’m feeling pretty stressed lately.. good reminders to try and stay happy!

  2. I don’t even have words for how much I love this. Such great advice! Cultivating my own happiness is a focus on mine right now, and something that I’m going to keep on working on as I finish school and figure out the next steps in my life.

    And P.S. Yes on the walk around naked thing – it’s the best way to really get comfortable with your body the way it is naturally!

    • Sam! I love YOU! All of your posts – even the puggy pug ones – speak to me and inspire me. Keep on being a light in this world, my friend :)

      And keep running around naked…it’s good for the soul!

  3. I’m really glad you are feeling so much better and relaxed. This is such a nice reminder to anyone to stay happy and stressfree. I always enjoy your posts Meg!

  4. This is so amazing Meg. This is my LAST weekend I am working at my part time job I AM SO HAPPY and I will finally have time to rest and relax. I am so excited. I have not been able to spend time with friends or family due to working 7 days a week. It has been beyond exhausting, and I totally feel you on the constipated thing #lol. My trainer is also having me take that Rockin Wellness supplement if you ever heard of it — since my hormones (from blood work) are off, my estrogen and thyroid in particular. Stress is just so constant in my life and I feel like I have never been able to just breath because I constantly push myself to do more, but I am so happy you have just wrote that you are feeling so much better and happier without the extra job. I was getting nervous i would be a bit anxious [since I'm naturally a nut and always working] but I’m super glad you have found balance now. I am hoping for the same. Thank you again for your insightful words of wisdom! They truly hit home with me. Thank you Megan love you!

  5. You’re awesome. This is awesome. Love following your journey! xo

  6. I second that, you are totally awesome! Remembering to breathe and just appreciate life as it is, is so important! Meg do you still run on a regular basis?
    I’m trying to find a happy balance between my obsessive love of cardio (the struggle is real) and my desire to have muscle tone through strength training. I’m getting up to 3 or 4 days of strength, but I still do cardio about 6 days a week :X Oh well, the life of a #fitnessfreak :D
    Just curious, as I think your blog and attitude towards life are spot on and absolutely entertaining.

    • Hi Kelly! No, I don’t remember ever running on a regular basis :P haha! I don’t really enjoy running to be totally honest with you :(

      For finding your “happy balance” – you should ask yourself what you truly ENJOY doing and continue doing that. :) If you just have the aesthetic desire to have muscles, you are probably strength training for the wrong reasons, you know? You have to factor in the internal factors OVER the external.

      Keep doing what you love, girl.

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