#bodypeace #selflove; #whatthehashtag?


I’ve been seeing a lot of hashtags along the lines of – but not limited to things like – #selflove #bodypeace, etc., and I have to really question whether the people using these hashtags really know what it means to have “self love” and this whole “body peace” stuff. I also have to ask myself – am I an advocate for self love? Of course I am; do I always live with these “self love” and “body peace” ideals? Hell flipping no – and if you do, I’d love to have some of what you’re smoking. I’ve already discussed on here how some mornings I wake up with a monkey belly and want to immediately take my poopy-bitch-pantsless-self and crawl back in bed instead of going to the gym. But usually, I don’t because I have discovered something about myself and my body that I think has made a huge difference in the way I approach things; I have made my body my best friend. But before you think “oh GAWD another one of these epiphanies about loving yourself and your body – GAG ME…” please read on.

Like best friends, my body and I have our secrets – some shameful, some just plain ratchet. Sometimes we cuss out the S.O.B. who just cut us off in the fast lane, can’t you see I’m already late to work and sans coffee, you m*#&*f*!@#!!!!… but that’s between us two. We have our arguments, like when I have one of those days as mentioned above and feel so far from attractive and comfortable that I’d like to hibernate. Or those times when I consider wearing a paper bag over my face cause Maybelline just ain’t gonna cut it. Damn you body for hosting yourself a little party on my face the week before my monthly gift; oh and while we’re at it, damn you for giving me that gift, shouldn’t you know I’m fine with just a gift card to Target?  We lash out at each other for a hot sec then apologize and move on as opposed to wallowing in that situation, cause after all, best friends are supposed to forgive and forget. And about that gift – at least I’m not pregnant, so thanks for the reassurance, we can be friends again.  I forgive you.

Like best friends, we don’t hold grudges against each other. Over the years we’ve learned more and more about each other and developed a mutual understanding of our relationship and more often than not – just like BFF’s – we keep each other in good company.

Considering my body one of my best friends also obligates me to provide it with the love and support that it craves – that’s why I workout and eat right. Treating my body with respect both spiritually and physically has been one of the greatest accomplishments I’ve mustered up in terms of my self love and body peace. I suggest you try and make your body one of your best friends too. You might just find that – just like a friendship -  self love and body peace is not always loving and peaceful, but it’s certainly meaningful.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post Meg! You’re so right. Self love is DAMN hard. We can preach all we want and advocate for it but if we’re not feeling or using it towards ourselves (or at least trying to!) then we’re most definitely missing the point!

  2. Meg, you just made me laugh, smile, and get all warm n fuzzy inside all at the same time <3. I am continuing to grow in the self-love department and it is so nice to hear your take on it. God bless you for sharing!

  3. love you. That is all.

  4. I love this. It’s so wonderful and spot on! PREACH IT SISTA!

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