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Hello friends :) Hope your Tuesday is going swell. I just got back from a coffee date and some shopping with one of my best friends. The guy at Starbucks is lucky he’s got his looks going for him, cause let’s be honest, my name ain’t hard:

Megern? Megzn? Megerz? I give up? The java was delicious, though, props.

I’m off of work today so I’m cramming as much socializing in as I possibly can. I hit the gym early, grabbed lunch, applied for some jobs (a workout in itself…) and headed out. I had a post planned for yesterday, then I realized it was Valentines’ day and I doubt anyone would wanna hear me rant about the large mop-like creature living on my head. Sometimes I refer to it as my hair, but only when it’s well behaved. I know hair care goes much deeper than just products, but I’ll get into that aspect in another post.

People often ask me what products I use on my locks, and to be honest, it changes all the time. There are only a few things that I’ve been absolutely loyal to for a while. Just like my love life at the moment, I just can’t commit. I’ll share with you the three that I have stuck with for the longest amount of time, though. I should also mention that Dr. Bronner’s hair lotion is awesome as well, but I’m currently out of it and I really haven’t missed it all that much so I really don’t have any reason to purchase more until I run out of something . Not wanting to  buy something? What am I, a dude or something? How unladylike of me.

1) The Body Shop Cottenseed Serum. This stuff is apparently “heat activated” but I use it whether I’m heating up my hair or not. Truth be told I’d never let a blow dryer near my hair if I’m wearing it naturally because if I did, I’d have Jeff Corwin trying to wrangle it.

I love this when I’m on the run and just letting my hair air-dry, cause it gives it a nice glossy finish without feeling heavy and greasy and you only need a teeny bit. It’s also super lightweight (just like me!) and won’t get crunchy like some curly hair products do. Crunchy curls are sooo 1999.

2) Josie Maran Argan Oil (or any argan oil for that matter.) It’s like a leave-in conditioner for me. Argan oil is beneficial to hair and skin. Although I’ve never used it on my skin, I swear by it for my split ends. I trim my own hair most of the time, but when I don’t have time to, this does a pretty legit job of hiding the frayed ends. It smells really good, too. I apply this evenly to my ends about once a week – I usually use 2 pumps for all of my ends.

3) Goldwell Shine Spray. Definitely my go-to when I straighten my hair, it gives a nice gloss and has literally no texture or feel to it, it’s kind of like hairspray without the hold if that makes any rational sense whatsoever. After I’ve done a nice singe-job to my locks, I spray about 2-3 pumps and swoosh my hair through it like a fancy hair commercial. Classy!

I’m off to spend some time with my fam!

What’s your favorite hair product at the moment?

Does Starbucks ever butcher your name?

Peace and love!




    I swear by that stuff. Yes, it is expensive, but I use MAYBE half a pump per washing. And (don’t judge) but I probably wash my hair errrr… twice a week.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! And I’m definitely not judging – I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week as well, especially in the winter. I mean, I bathe daily, but my locks need a break from the H2O ;)

  2. That’s it, you lost me on the hair talk ;).

  3. Sending positive vibes your way for the job searching!! Fingers crossed =)

    You have such crazy gorgeous hair!! Thanks for the product suggestions. My hair can’t figure out if it’s curly or straight or wavy but I bet these will be great if I decide to go the curly route. haha!

    Annnnd yeah my Starbucks cups never say anything that is even CLOSE to my name. I’ve gotten “Fable,” “Stable,” “Able,” and best of all, “Feeble.” Who the heck names a kid “Feeble?!”

  4. Haha what a coincidence. I’m trying to curl my hair for my night out! I also love argan oil too. I have a little bottle of Josie Maran’s to-go. I use it on my lips and eyelashes!

  5. you have the perfect model hair. honestly get out of here with you beautiful looks! it is just not fair to be so pretty & then have perfect hair all the time! Thanks for sharing your beauty products!!

  6. Ooh I’ve always wondered about that Body Shop serum. Thanks for the review! I think I might have to pick some up. I’m always on the hunt for good products to tame my wavy hair!

    Lately I’m loving Dove Nourishing Oil conditioner. It leaves my hair really silky!

  7. Your hair is seriously so pretty oh my god! So basically you are saying if I use these exact products then I’ll grow hair like yours and be gorgeous. Okay good. ;)

  8. As a fellow curly haired girl- I love your product tips! I actually use Body Shop’s grapeseed oil serum (so nice for the split ends) and I also use Moroccan Oil and the Organix Moroccan oil as a heat protector/smoother…seriously all those oil serums are the best thing to happen to my disastrous split end prone mane
    Oh and Starbucks/other coffee places…I’m a fan of the fake name ;)

  9. Mmm starbucks, but total name butchering right there! Ahh wish I had curls, pin straight… easy to maintain but boring for style purpose! Your hair is so sweet friend!

  10. i have wavyish curlyish frizzy hair too but it doesn’t look half as good as yours curly (or straight). this is helpful because i usually just wear it straight because its such a gamble to wear it curly. i will try these products! also i love how you cut your hair yourself – i have done that too but to disastrous results!

  11. I have stick straight hair that can’t hold a curl, totes jealous of you! One of my best girlfriends has long, thick, curly locks that the rest of us idolize [and never understand why she wants straight hair hehe]!

    The worst Sbucks butchering of my name was “Allyson” instead of “Allison”…

  12. favorite hair product is uhh….shower water? i have a curly/wavy mop, too and need it cut BAD, it doesn’t help that i’m super low maintenance/lazy so i rock the hair bun otherwise it’s hair all up in my face. i don’t comb it (unless it’s crazy knotted) so i let the natural curl come through when i wear my hippie hair down :).

    i resist the alluring siren call of starbucks since i’m a poor college student, but i’m a big fan of getting free hot water from the deli on campus ;)

  13. Our hair is totally different- yours is so thick and curly and gorgeous, and mine is fine and straight with just a tiny bit of a wave. I love Garnier smoothing milk though, since I get a ton of flyaways and it always makes things look smooth and shiny!

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