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Morning friends :D Hope you all had a splendid weekend. I spent most of mine at work; we’ve been extremely busy since the holidays are coming up. We’ve got so many new holiday items and it takes a lot of self control to not buy every single one of them. Especially the candles, it’s hard to keep my nose out of them and my nose can’t decide between pumpkin spice, evergreen and cinnamon roll…meaning I’d have to buy them all. I think my wallet would grow teeth and bite my fingers off if I did that.

Anyways, besides work, I went out Friday night and learned how to dougie (thank you, Rachel) and spent time with some of my friends. I live for my Friday’s.

Nicole and Rachel.  Rachel reads my blog – HI Rachel!

Hi to Jenny, too!

I also recieved an email from a blog reader who was concerned about working out without a gym membership. I’m definitely blessed with a membership to a nice gym, but I know that’s not something everyone can afford and that’s totally fine. Contrary to popular belief, you can get in a kick-ass workout at home. Before I had a gym membership, I wasn’t really into strength training at all, so the most I ever did was maybe take a jog outside or do some sit-ups or pushups on my now-destroyed yoga mat on my bedroom floor. Cara decided she was pissed off one morning and ripped it to shreds, literally, a thousand pink shreds. I digress; here are some tips on getting in a good workout sans gym. I even use these tactics when I don’t feel appropriate gracing everyone with my presence at the gym (read: those days when I’d be better off staying out of the public cause I look like I got backhanded and spit on by a llama.)

1) Invest in some budget-friendly equipment! Exercise cables, free weights (amazon.com – great prices, do it) and medicine balls or exercise balls. I have a gigantic blow-up exercise ball that I like to do ab exercises on. Just a few simple means of equipment + your body weight = strength training win. Seeing your equipment and knowing you spent money on it will also motivate you to get a workout in. I know for a lot of people getting to the gym motivates them, but when you’ve got no gym to get to, you have to find other means of motivation.

2) Check your television listing for any workout shows or programs or find some online – my personal favorite site is Exercise TV. Their 20-minute ab program is ballin. They also have quite a few other free videos. If you need free weights for any of these and don’t have ‘em, grab some canned vegetables! No one’s watching, just do it.

3) If you’re sick of being inside, go outside. Run to a playground as a warm-up, find some monkeybars and do some pull ups! Swings? Great ab workout. Just make sure said playground isn’t full of children (it’s best to do this earlier in the morning…) the situation could become awkward and illegal when you accidently kick a 5-year old in the face.

4) Do your research. I like Oxygen magazine, bodybuilding.com as well as a few other websites, forums and magazines that offer awesome at-home strength training workouts. You’d be surprised how much bodyweight can really suffice for a great workout. Just think – cavemen didn’t have all this fancy schmancy workout gear and machines, so we don’t necessarily need it either, it’s just more convenient and sometimes even less of a challenge. So think of it this way – working out at home can be extremely beneficial over the gym sometimes, anyway!

Alright, I’m off to the gym – oh the irony. Enjoy your Monday :)

What are some at-home workout tips you can share?

Do you have a gym membership?

Peace and love!



  1. No gym membership for me!! At home workouts for me consist of a lot of weight workouts and bodyweight stuff. I love mixing them together, or just doing a plyo or tabata workout. One of my favorite tools is my iron gym thing cause I can use it to do pullups, ab lifts, pushups and dips. Its so versatile and easy to store!

  2. SO agreed on the tv.. i literally did not know i had a fitness channel until last monday.. like WAH?! its awesome! i mean, probs wont ever use it, but still!

  3. When I moved back home after college, across the country, I thought it would be very temporary so I refused to buy a gym membership, which made the move seem all too permanent. Years later I am still here and am a regular gym rat, but that first year back, I bought Beach Body’s Insanity workout. The workouts are ALL based on using your body weight throughout circuits, and they make you drip sweat like no other. The program honestly changed my body (I could see my abs again after 5 years of college play!) and I credit it to putting me back on my fitness grind. Huge fan.

  4. AHHH fridays are the besttttt. Ahahahah I am a PRO dougier….. come visit me and deb and we can all dougieeee

  5. Omg those candle scents sound amazing! I would want all of them too haha. I actually posted a strength workout today that only utilizes your body weight! Here’s the link: http://insweetnessandinhealth.com/2011/11/07/bodyweight-strength-workout/

  6. I did P90X for a while at home.

  7. I have a gym membership but there’s plenty of exercises that I’m able to do from home! I bought the p90x DVDs and those give me just as great of a workout as going to the gym! I’m always sore the next day from it :)

  8. we cancelled our gym membership two years ago, and love it. we feel we are in better shape than when we worked out in a gym. but everyone is different and needs different things to motivate and challenge themselves

  9. First off I thinks its pretty much impossible for you to look like you got “backhanded and spit on by a llama”!!! You are gorgeous girl!!! And secondly, I love all the tips!! Working out at home is necessity for me during the winter so this stuff is all really helpful!

  10. I feel like I NEED my gym membership because I’m so unmotivated to workout when I’m at home. :P But sometimes if I really don’t want to make the trek to the gym (like when it’s blizzarding in the winter), I’ll run/walk up and down my apartment stairs a few times (there are 8 floors) for some cardio and then do some strength work using my bodyweight and my 5 lb dumbbells. It’s nothing fancy, but it does the trick!

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