Unbikini Season.


Good afternoon, friends! Hope you all are having a splendid week. It’s been absolutely beautiful here in Maryland and I’m so not ready for the cold. I need to add to my endless scarf collection. Yesterday as I was driving to school, I did get a little hint that we’ve still got a few more nice days left…I was pulling into a parking garage and I felt a SUPER sharp pain in my foot. I immediately lit an f-bomb (and then 5 more,) pulled off onto the side of the garage, ripped off my shoe and a bee flew out. I thought bees died after they stung you?! Anyways, somehow a bee got into my shoe. I’ve never gotten stung by a bee before and I never want to get stung again. I thought I’d share, just in case you get some kind of entertainment out of other people’s misfortunes. I won’t judge, I do too sometimes. So, again with the cold approaching:

I’m not sure about the rest of you,  I already have the urge to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and some good movies. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting – or needing – to do that, but I think a lot of people lose sight of their fitness goals in the winter time because it’s just way too easy not to! I also think that along with losing sight of their goals, they lose a lot of self-confidence and self worth as well. Exercise and taking care of yourself go hand-in-hand with your self-esteem and overall mental well-being. Which is why it’s super important to remain focused  not just for a season, but for all seasons. It’s good to be happy with your body no matter if you’re running around in a swimsuit or long johns. Some things I keep in mind to keep myself in check when the seasons change:

It’s actually easier to get into the gym when it’s cold outside. Look forward to breaking a sweat, even if it’s in the sauna. True story: I don’t always get disgusting and sweaty when I workout, but I can tell you there’s no better feeling than warming up after being outside in the brisk, even for just a few seconds to walk from your car. Warming yourself up with exercise – any kind - is an awesome way to build up your immunity and get out of the cold. Walking outside to cool down after a good workout is also pretty liberating, just watch your nips, if you catch my drift, they’re all about surprises, especially when you wear a sports bra.

(If possible) run around naked. Just do it. Becoming comfortable with the way your body looks without clothing is something I think a lot of people – especially women – struggle with, because they don’t do it often enough. If you aren’t okay with the way your body looks, you can’t expect other people to be okay with it, either. A lot of sexual insecurities in relationships and dating do stem from confidence issues because people aren’t used to being naked and aren’t comfortable with the parts of their body they don’t see often. Instead of relying on other people to tell you how you look and determine the way you feel about yourself, do it yourself and learn that it’s perfectly fine to accept compliments, but it’s more important to believe in those compliments. Just make sure you do the nude when you’re alone and preferrably in your own home. Streaking  might be empowering, but it’s usually frowned upon and highly illegal. Not something I can recommend on my blog, sorry!

Have something to look forward to, always. Summer will always come again, probably sooner than you might think. But set mini-goals in the winter as well. Many people just work out and get in shape for swimsuit season, when in reality, it shouldn’t be a swimsuit that motivates you. Rather, it should be your overall health and strength. For me right now, I’m working on a few PR’s in lifting and really focusing my gym time on getting to those goals. I’ve been having to take a few more rest days than usual lately because I haven’t had all the time in the world to hit the gym, so when I do have adequate time, I do all I can to get in a really good workout. Goals can be different for everyone, though. Maybe you’re training for a marathon? A figure competition? Whatever it is and whenever it is – never lose sight of your goals, cause most likely you’ll lose sight of your motivation as well.

Always remember that staying motivated is a huge part of self confidence and radiating self confidence is not only beneficial to your own life, but others’ lives as well.

What are some of your current goals?

Motivation tips? Share em.

Peace and love!



  1. WHAT?! you can’t recommend streaking? that’s it. i am gonna stop reading


  2. i love this!
    i am all about mini goals and i find gym time in the day to just be motivation in itself based on that it is a BREAK from the normal monotony of the day—something where i get to mix things up and push myself!

  3. I agree that we always need to have something to look forward to- whether it’s something that will be reached through time (like the weekend or an upcoming vacation) or through deadlines (like a raise after completing a project etc). I personally try to keep a mix of professional and personal goals- personal goals could be anything from polishing my cooking skills/making a particular recipe to making some cashmoney from selling a whole bunch of old books whereas professional ones would be anything that would enhance my human capital/resume/etc :)

  4. I love this! And totally agree. There’s nothing better than thawing out and “feeling normal” on the treadmill/bike/etc after freezing your butt off outside.

    I hate winter. Make it stay away please?

  5. Needed this Meg!!! I definitely start to lose motivation when its cold out! I just feel like snuggling up with layers and layers of clothes in front of the space heater and reading blogs!! But I ALWAYS feel better when I get a workout in….and you’re right, it ALWAYS warms me up!

  6. What a great motivating post! I get sad when I think about the summer being over, I don’t want to put away my summer dresses! But what u said is so true and we should have goals all year long. That’s for the motivation :)

  7. So much truth in this post! Especially about becoming comfortable with your own body!

  8. I definitely think the go around naked tip is a good one! I find myself feeling lack of confidence in my body a lot so lately I have taken to doing yoga in my bra/underwear for a few minutes some mornings before I get ready for work. I’ll pick out flaws in myself when in a pose and then realize, hey, if my body didn’t have that dimple there then this pose wouldn’t look the same and it wouldn’t look as beautiful overall. It works! :)

  9. Lol! This is awesome. When the Kiwi and I were in NZ we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere, in a beautiful breath-taking valley with steep mountains on either side, and a gorgeous cold river meanering through it – so what did we do? Yup! Took off all our clothes and jumped in. SO liberating and makes you feel really ALIVE, you know? :-) So I love what you’re saying here – being confident with your body and taking care of yourself in all seasons – it’s a beautiful thought! <3 And also getting naked, lol! :-P Funny, but TRUE!
    I posted about my goals just recently – lifting more is one of them – you're an inspiration to do that, missy! I linked it, hope that's okay, just in answer to your question!
    Have a lovely day!
    Big smiles
    PS: Eeek – so sorry you got stung by a bee. not cool. not nice. hope it's all healed up!

  10. Ha ha, such a fun post! It’s really easy to lose sight of fitness goals in winter with all the warm filling foods, holidays and sweaters that allow you to cover everything up, but come summer you’ll be kicking yourself.

  11. Great post! I completely agree that having goals is crucial for motivation. I like to stay fit by working out and being active, but I’ve been chronically sick for the past few weeks and haven’t had much luck with exercise because of it. I have to focus on getting well rather than squeezing in workouts when I really need to be resting. My current goal is just to get better, so I’ve been trying to rest and eat healthy foods that can cure my body!

  12. Awesome post Meg! It is so important to make fitness a part of your life for the whole year and not just for the times when more of your body will be showing. I think I’m more at a maintenance phase right now because I’m really liking how everything looks and feels- but on that note I don’t want to get too comfortable so I guess my goal is to keep pushing myself and challenging myself in the gym!

  13. I like going to the gym even more in the winter than in the summer because other than taking a hot shower, it’s really the only time that I feel warm. I feel cold ALL the time otherwise. :P

    Good luck with your lifting goals girl! My goal is to find a good book on strength training and to learn more about the different muscle groups and moves to target each of them. Then I want to try to design some good workouts!

  14. I love this post! It is definitely true that you need to be happy with how you look without relying on other people to tell you! I like to set mini goals of choosing what work outs I’m going to do for the week (incorporating 1 rest day) and sticking to them! no matter if I’ve gone out the night before..I will still complete what I’ve set for the day and feel a lot better afterwards!

  15. Im not gonna lie cold weather does make me wanna curl up with hot chocolate and watch movies all day but for some reason I actually find it easier to lose weight or workout in the winter.I think its because number one, the foods I eat in the winter arent that bad for me. (hot soup and veggies vs. icecream and milkshakes) Number two, like your said the cold weather makes me wanna break a sweat. Plus I worry just as much about how I look in my skinny jeans as I do in a bikini.

  16. I definitely have the urge to curl up in the warmth with a hot chocolate and some comforting movies!
    But I completely agree that it is much easier to let fitness decrease in the winter due to the cold weather, I guess you just have to force yourself!
    That being said I think being in the gym is more appealing in the winter than in the summer when it’s lovely outside!
    Great post :-)

  17. when I lived in Raleigh and worked out at a gym, it was hard sometimes to get up when it was cold! but I did, and Lori and I loved sitting in the sauna to help us warm up. But like you said the thought of working up a sweat it always a great motivator. Although I seem to sweat less sometimes during the winter.

    but I will admit I am glad these past 2 years I do not have to worry about going to the gym when cold outside, Love working out at home ;)

  18. Ha- I totally do this. When I get out of the shower, I immediately start dancing and jumping around to warm up because my apt is soooo cold. It’s actually really fun and liberating!

  19. staying motivated is heeee-yoooge for me. why else would I run a marathon? ;)

    I MISS YOUR FACE and I need life updates!

  20. haha. cute bra (:

    current goal? run like a maniac on the bball court for 40 minutes straight. that’s how long an entire game is. haha.


  21. lol your so funny. streaking= BAD. lol
    but then again you wont catch me running on my tredmil sans clothing either. just saying.
    sports bras and short shorts however….count me in ;)

  22. love your post! it is sad how many people train or diet just to look good in a bikini!! what ive noticed is that a lot of girls will gain weight in the winter, then go on a starvation diet and start doing hours of cardio right before summer. They will lose weight but a big percentage of that will be muscles. Next winter they will gain the weight back but most of the weight will be fat. So every summer they are left with less muscle and more fat!!
    My current goal? get the perfect bikini body, yeap I have already started working on that. It is a long progress. For the next few months my goal is to gain weight (muscle) and a few months before summer will SLOWLY lose some fat to reveal my muscles ;)

  23. Enjoyed your blog very much!!! Wish I could be as secure about myself! Maybe one day I will be!

  24. I couldn;t really get past the first part of the post… a BEE flew into your SHOE???? thats insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. As much as I am social creature and would love a good gym buddy (especially when it’s cold and oh so tempting to stay in bed), Henry Rollins put it best, “I prefer to work out alone. It enables me to concentrate on the lessons that the Iron has for me. Learning about what you’re made of is always time well spent, and I have found no better teacher.” If you can’t find the motivation in yourself, when the gym is empty, when there’s no one to see you skip that last set, you’ll never progress.

    Great to see a girl who’s not afraid of some barbells. Keep up the good work!

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