Vacation Guest Post 2: Lettuce Wraps!


Today’s guest post comes from a very special weenie lover and friend :) I’m excited for Kristina to share one of her amazing recipes. It’s perfect for summer, too. Thank you, Kristina!!

Hi everyone – I’m Kristina and I write at spabettie. The focus of my recipes – they are always gluten free, often vegetarian, and include short lists of ingredients that are (usually) easy to find. Today I have a new one for Meg, as well as a round up of recipes perfect for summertime.

As much as gluten free bread has improved, sometimes I just don’t want bread, but I still want a sandwich. I’ve been making a lot of sandwiches lately – without bread. A sanswich, if you will. ;)

Today’s sanswich is not only gluten free but vegan as well. The protein comes from chickpeas, which I puree in a food processor with a roasted red pepper.

I begin with washed leaves of butter lettuce (our favorite!), fill with a line of the red pepper hummus down the middle of the leaf. Top with cheese (Daiya Pepperjack is my current love) veggies (sliced fresh roma tomatoes) and drizzle with avocado sauce (recipe below).

Two of these with a bunch of grapes made a perfect afternoon snack. A couple more could make a lunch!

In place of mayo, I have come up with a delicious sauce or spread for sandwiches and sanswiches. I’ve also been known to use this as a veggie dip.

avocado sauce

1 avocado
juice of 1 lemon (or 1/4 cup)
dash Tabasco (optional, but definitely suggested)

Blend ingredients in blender or food processor until smooth. Store in refrigerator.


For me, summertime and warm weather may mean that I eat lighter, but not less. I still need to eat, and sometimes more, as we are generally outside playing more! This recipe roundup includes perfect summertime recipes, lighter while both hearty and satisfying.


garlic cream risotto with summer vegetables

a retro classic, English muffin pizza

another wrap – Thai sweet potato

grilled fish tacos with spicy mango salsa

want more grilled fish tacos?

lemon basil fish tacos with jalapeno raita

how about dessert?

chai chia protein bites

four berry clafoutis

Thank you, Meg, for having me over. Hope everyone is having a great day! – Kristina, spabettie


  1. I’m digging that avocado sauce – I bet it’s packed with flavor!

  2. I mustttt make that sauce that sounds delicious! And those tacos are beautiful

  3. I love Kristina! And I have GOT to make that sauce.. I just bookmarked this. ;)

  4. wow, all of those recipes look amazing and so creative. checking them out pronto!! Wonderful guest post :)

  5. Yummy – Butter lettuce is so good, and it makes the best lettuce wraps!

  6. OMG. That all looks delicious! I love your food philosophy!

  7. Yummmm!!! I especially love the fish tacos. Those look wonderful!

  8. What a great idea for the lettuce wraps! and that avocado sauce sounds like a dream :D

  9. oh goodness Kristina!! Everything looks amazing!! You’re quite talented I say~I especially love those fish tacos and the avocado sauce. <3

  10. Wow all dishes look amazing! The avocado sauce seems like a great idea– such a good thing to have on hand in the fridge for a yummy sauce to drizzle over anything!

    The thai sweet potato wraps are making me drool a little, btw :)

  11. All of your recipes look so fresh and delicious! Especially that avocado sauce. I can’t wait to try it. :)

  12. Your recipes and photos always make me want to go to the store and buy the ingredients NOW :D Great job – and that avocado sauce is happening in my kitchen tomorrow for sure.

  13. Not sure if my first comment worked – sorry if it’s a duplicate.

    Love this! Looks so good! I love wraps (sanswich – creative name!) made with lettuce. So yummy and so easy. Love your recipes Kristina!

  14. ohhh all this looks really yummy, thank you for sharing. :D

    Have a lovely day.
    Love Jess

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