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It’s Thursday. I don’t know about you but I’ve been relying on food lately to brighten up my day cause Mother Nature sure ain’t doin’ it.

Hello sweet potatoes, lots of fresh, bright greens and shenanigans. Can I have some sunshine back? My garden isn’t gonna grow with all of this craziness. I know I shouldn’t complain – as I sit here and type this my Dad is ooh-ing and ahh-ing at all of the devistating pictures from the tornadoes over the past few days – my thoughts and prayers go out to all of the¬†victims. How awful. It’s so sad.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

So much goodness! Who needs sunshine when you’ve got bright orange carrots! HA just kidding. I’ll take the sunshine anyday. I was lucky enough to get a few days in this week and some frisbee (!!) action with some pals. I did have to go bush diving a few times for runaway frisbees and I may have permanetly stained my feet a shade of grass slash dirt brown – cute, I know!

The best part about springtime is for sure the time I manage to scoop up to be outside with friends, the sunshine and pollen. Pollen is totally not necessary but if it means I have to deal with a few extra noseblows to be out and about, that’s alright. They make tissues for a reason, right? Between classes and stressing out like mad about the last few weeks of school, I need some leisure and exercise in non-exercise form. You got me? Good.

My friends and I skipped our usual exercise classes this week in favor of frisbee, grass stains and getting sunburnt.

And loved every second of it.

I’m off to finish munching on my egg pizza with extra cheese and hoping the sun stays around town this weekend.

Gimme some mo’ sunshine!

What’s your favorite springtime activity?

What brightened your week?

Peace and love!



  1. 1. i love that i have to “prove that i am a human by typing the emphasized characters”. that just makes me laugh.
    2. you brightened my week! but so did getting caught in the rain :)
    3. my favorite spring time activity is playing in the park with my friends who I miss ohhh so much. sigh

  2. I have been doing a lot more things outside too to get my tan on ha. Like running outside versus the treadmill or elliptical lol. Your food seriously looks amazing. I would be thankful for yours too. :)

  3. I couldn’t agree more – the weather this spring has been awfulllll – I am def. sun deprived!

  4. Your way too pretty :)
    My favorite spring activity would have to be picnics! And hiking with my puppers :)

  5. The sunshine’s been MIA over here too, not digging it so much!
    I was just watching some news on that tornado mess a couple hours ago, unbelievable. So sad, and so scary!

    I love spring WALKS. I’m so excited to be able to start up long walks in the sunshine (or the NIGHT!) again after a very looooong winter. As for week brightening… finishing up the last of my exams certainly helped! As did a bit of retail therapy ;)

  6. you know what brightened my week?! texting with my best fran!!

  7. Omg…how do you make that egg pizza? It looks amazing girl!! I hope you get some better weather and wishing you luck in the last few weeks of school :)

  8. I also get nosebleeds from spring allergies! Kinda annoying, but definitely something I can deal with since it means better weather! I’m loving the sunshine pics :)

  9. The weather really hasn’t been nice enough here to enjoy time outdoors yet, but once it gets nice I can’t wait to go on long bike rides and play beach frisbee with my friends!

  10. Girl you are SO GORGEOUS!! Seriously I WANT your hair!! And your face!! :D

    The sun here has TOTALLY brightened my week too! I think I’ll join ya for some frisbeeing some time- I love it!! :)

  11. You are the cutest thing ever!! Girl crush haha!!

    And I definitely agree that I am also thankful for the sunshine today :)

  12. I love springtime and sunshine! I seriously am a different person when the sun is shining. Looks like you enjoyed it too :)

  13. I LOVE FRISBEEEE!! actually I SUCK at it.. how can one suck at frisbee- idk but i do BADDDD
    my FAV springtime activity has got to be playing softballll or catch or anything to do with softball or baseball! childhood memories galore!!!!!!!

  14. Bah how cloudy :( Makes me feel bad for posting a picture of all the sunshine we’ve been getting here in my last post lol Wish I could send you some like now!!

  15. I just love getting outside and in the sun. I like biking, hiking and just walking around. I haven’t played frisbee in a looong time. I think i might have to dig mine out of the basement somewhere.

  16. Look at you gorgeous girl!!! I love eating delicious springy foods and playing FRISBEE and kan jam! I am so excited for more sunshiney goodness, have a great Friday love!

  17. I LOVE soccer outside in the gorge weather!!

  18. Hi love!! Oh my, I almost thought I would not pass the prove u are human test! Lol! I guess I am human! Woooooohooooo!

    Ok your tweets make my day!

    Love that the weather is warming up!

    Love that I may see u Friday!! Just love u!

  19. Fav spring activity… strolls outside with friends <3

  20. Such a lively sunshiney post (true to your blog name)!
    Egg pizza looks glorious- my favorite springtime activity is walking around Portland on a sunny warmish day in a sundress with a cup of Fro Yo!

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