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three ways to make today your bitch

True life: I struggle with anxiety/feeling the need to be busy and productive all day everyday and although the anxiety part has been significantly less prominent in my life lately, there’s still a few days and moments where I get my panties in a bunch about something. That’s a lie; I hate underwear. We live in a world where we are  constantly in the mindset that we HAVE to be doing something, 24/7 – shit, people even text in their sleep now. What a time to be alive lol. As I was driving to work last week, I had a little bit of an “aha” moment – why does everything always have to be such a rush? Why are we as humans piling our plates higher and faster than we can digest life? Being mindful of your actions, your words and your life as a whole gives you purpose; it gives you meaning. Taking a step back even a few times a day and asking yourself why you’re doing something or better yet, why you are NOT doing something (i.e. is it because you’re fearful?) can really make a difference in not only your life, but the lives of others.



Here are three things I try to consciously add to my day, each and everyday, to slow down and really FEEL alive,  genuinely happy and make my life HAPPEN:


Practice forgiveness: shit happens, you can choose one of two paths: to wallow and throw yourself a pity party, or to forgive yourself or another (not necessarily forget the situation, learn from it), and move on with your life. For me, I have too much to be grateful for in my life to carry such a heavy weight on my heart and drag me down. I am blessed beyond measure and I no longer want to live a moment without keeping that truth in my mind.


I read a status from a friend that was hilarious, but also so damn true – “there are days when sadness takes a seat beside you and doesn’t want to leave. so treat it like it just let out a really rancid, stanky fart – you sit and endure it for a little while, but then get up and walk away from it because you’re not going to let it overwhelm and assault your senses.” YES! So much yes. We must remove ourselves from whatever stank ass situation we’re in and make better moments, better days happen. Forgiveness allows you to take ownership of your life by not letting negative energy take up space in your soul where it doesn’t belong. Forgiveness frees you from the stench. Wake up and smell the roses – isn’t it awesome that we get to arise everyday to newness?


Be kind. So simple, yet so overlooked and underrated. Buy someone’s coffee, if there’s a child in line behind you at the store, grab him or her some kind of shenanigan at the checkout – there’s lollipops, super fruity, colorful ball-shaped lip balm, Olaf is chillin in a plastic box at the Target checkout, too, just FYI. “We make a living by what we get but we make a life out of what we give.” True that. There is nothing more fulfilling and more heartwarming than seeing another human smile back at you. Whether it’s because of a compliment, a simple smile or “hello”, or a sweet a$$ sbux drink. Make it happen, you never know how many lives you can change by a simple gesture or phrase. Seek fulfillment by loving one another, humans were not put on this earth to do life alone. When you see someone in passing who you think is beautiful, please let them know. If they chose to backfire or not accept that compliment, shove some glitter up their asshole. Everyone deserves some sparkles.


Seriously, though, don’t do the latter because you’ll probably get arrested and end up on the news because our society feeds off of that weird shit, but take the rest of the advice into consideration in the previous paragraph.


Open your heart, your mind and your strengths/weaknesses to others: be expressive with your feelings. It took me a really long time to be cool with who I am. I’ve grown to love myself and it’s definitely a work in progress and probably always will be. But I can walk with confidence, speak with confidence and just be an honest human because I’m able to seek forgiveness (see above) from myself as well as others. I’m also a lot more prominent in my actions and my words – they all have a purpose and meaning.


As previously mentioned, we are not meant to walk this earth alone as humans. Do not walk alone. The more and more I’m able to clear my feelings (negative or positive) with others, the more I’m able to rationalize my thoughts. If you’re having a bad day, let the people around you become aware of that; ask for a hug, receive kindness and give it back as well. Positivity isn’t always easy and that’s okay. It’s perfectly okay not to be okay. However, it’s certainly not okay to feel horrible and take it out on others. Actions speak louder than words, yes, but words can help solve a problem before it begins. If you’re having a really good day, let that be known as well. You’re allowed to laugh.  Express your damn self; one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in this life is holding myself from being genuine (aka really freaking weird) in fear of the judgement of others. Screw it, you do you, boo.


How are you going to make today your bitch?




fall favorites: makeup edition

If you’re anything like me, you are a pro in the artistry of super-speedy, immediate satisfaction makeup magic. Yea, that’s totally a thing. So this post is going to be pretty damn super-speedy, buckle up and put your fish face on, ladies.

I’m pretty minimal when it comes to my face. Read: I look like a decked out crackwhore lacking in the sleep department if I try anything other than a simple bronzer, mascara and lipstick. Eyeliner? Not my thing unless I’m down to sport that black-eye swag; may as well paint my whole face if I try to wing it, cause that’s what’s going to happen regardless. I blame my lack of makeup skills on my Christmas gift selection growing up of Tonka Dump Trucks and Cabbage Patch Kids who ate little plastic carrots and French fries then shit them out into their little purple backpacks approximately 5.7 seconds later. Still completely intact! What a digestive system. I pray to God ya’ll know what I’m talking about or you’re going to think I really am a crackwhore.


Anyways, here are my go-to make up finds this season (with links)! Enjoy!

MAC Viva Glam Lipstick (Shade III – promise it’s not as bright and red in person as it shows on the web display). I’m also a HUGE fan of Chili if you’re looking for a bright, poppy red! Classy and clutch.

My forever trusted Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (80’s and 90’s children rejoice that you can use this bright green and hot pink gem that was forever taunting you in mama’s makeup bag).

Blackest Black Mascara.

NARS Orgasm Illuminator: perfect for those days where you wake up with a not-so-glowing complexion soon to cause a not-so-glowing attitude. Rub yourself happy again and have a facial orgasm, you have my permission.


As far as foundation goes, to be honest, I buy whatever is on sale at the drugstore. I don’t wear liquid foundation everyday, just some simple CoverGirl dusting powder and a touch of NARS illuminator when I go without. My recent thrifty finds have been Revlon Color Stay liquid foundation as well as the powder! CVS typically has pretty sweet ass BOGO deals if you get lucky. I’ll only do this, however, if it’s a product I use almost daily and I’m almost out of it, otherwise I know I’m better off not giving into the sale or marketing scheme and saving that moola. Also, be sure to check reviews on prettymuch every skin/hair care product available by reading real-people reviews at – anyone else love that website? Game changer.


I’d love to hear some of your favorites!


Xo Meg

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