Skin Deep: My Current Favorite Facial Care Products

I’m all about simplicity nowadays when it comes to my facial care. I was definitely one of those girls that struggled with what I thought was life-ending acne. I literally would not leave the house without foundation + concealer on, even if I was just going out to grab the mail. I was deathly afraid of someone seeing me in the raw; I caked my Maybelline full-coverage makeup like I was about to go whore myself out in a hurricane. Of course, this did nothing for my skin or my self-esteem, especially when I washed my face off at night (which took on average, 20 minutes and skin-colored specks strewn across the bathroom – seriously looked like a monkey had a field day in my bathroom sorry dad). I eventually let go of those habits. Although I do still wear makeup some days, I no longer look like a buttercream iced-cupcake, I don’t wear it everyday, and when I do, I wear a lot less, and use it now as something artsy (say, when I apply eyeliner, etc.) or to cover up those mid-twenties hormonal little twats that still tend to appear during Mother Nature’s ratchet gift of the month. Can I get a gift receipt and return it?

First and foremost, I had to stop this vicious cycle, so I slowly cut back on the makeup until eventually I became used to seeing myself naturally. And whaddaya know, I no longer felt the need to fixate on every little scar, every little wrinkle on my face because I saw less of them – physically and mentally, if that makes sense. I also stopped worrying so much about if other people saw my flaws (I still do have my moments, though!) because I realized that I’m not alone and honestly, people are typically too wrapped up in their own self-consciousness to recognize yours. So do someone a favor today and tell them how beautiful they are (and mean it), you really don’t know how much that means to someone and how it can change their life. It’s the little things.




Instagram filters don’t hurt either lol.

I’ve experimented with quite a few gizmos and gadgets for my face and here’s what I’m rubbing in lately:

Coconut oil! I use this for e-v-e-r-y-thing! Make up remover, lotion, facial mask, hair mask – you name it, coconut oil is magical. I eat it too – cook your eggs in it, you’re welcome. It’s full of beneficial fatty acids, absorbs quickly, and smells like a DREAM! The kind I use actually reminds me of buttered toast. Speaking of, it’s also good on toast.


Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Liquid Soap – the most gentle and wupass soap there is. End of story. I wash my face with this daily and it doesn’t dry me out or break me out. Win/win.


Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Liquid Soaps


Rosehip oil! I apply this after washing my face & let it absorb for about 2 minutes before applying moisturizer. Rosehip oil is amazing for cellular renewal and really clearing up past acne scars, “imperfections” blah I hate that word, and even wrinkles. I’ve been using it for a little over a year and a half now consistently and although its taken many months for me to really see a difference, I do know that it does work and it makes my skin feel amazing. I just buy the Aura Cacia brand from Whole Foods or Amazon.


AURA(tm) Cacia Rosehip Seed Skin Care Oil Certified Organic - 1 Fl Oz


Right now for a moisturizer I swing between Alaffia’s Neem Facial Cream & Trilogy Vital Moisturizing Cream. In the past I’ve used Alaffia’s whole line of facial care, but I’ve really just paired it down to the basics when it comes to cleansing. Moisturizing, though, I like to get something completely full of exciting ingredients that won’t clog my pores & offer moisture to my combo/dry face. When you’re using products to combat skin issues, moisture is super important – and oils! Oils help your skin from overproducing it’s own oil, causing clogged pores and a hot mess.



Oh, and wash your face every single night. I don’t care how drunk you are or what shoe you’re missing, dunk your damn face in the sink and lather up. No one likes to wake up looking like cokehead Barbie anyway, especially next to Ken, #amiright? Internally, you also need to take care of yourself. True health on the outside begins on the inside (especially in your gut!) I take maca & fish oil and make sure to get plenty of nutrients from my diet and WATA WATA WATA!




I’d love to hear some of your favorites!




Fitness: In a Jif Boulder Builder

Awhile back, I never separated my shoulder muscles into a particular workout; I’d casually add  them into chest day or another more primary muscle group workout. Nowadays, I generally work them once a week & pair them with either biceps or just do them alone. I realized that once I separated + focused more on these little pumpkins, I was able to shape them into a more rounded, balanced part of my physique and allow them to greater assist me in also developing and strengthening my upper body as a whole. Generally, this muscle group (consisting of front/rear deltoids & traps) is quick to fatigue (at least for me, I’ve found), and I typically get in a solid workout in about 30-45 minutes.


This week, my shoulder routine looks like this:

Warm up with 15 side lateral raises (light dumbbells)

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

3 sets of 8-12 reps – aim to go up in weights each set.

60-90 second rest between sets, especially focus on form for the heaviest set and be sure to rest adequately beforehand – sometimes I rush my rest period and end up failing to even lift for 2 reps. No beuno.



(Top + leggings from Lululemon. Headband from Fit Happy/gloves from Sparkle & Sweat Shop – I have a discount code ‘MEGMO’ for both!)


Upright Rows

3 sets 15 with barbell

Cable Face Pulls (I heart cables)

2 sets 12-15, really focus on the squeeze at the peak of the pull

Lateral Side Raise (go heavier than what you warmed up with, obviously)

3 sets of 15

Then one more set til failure, lighten weight

Build yourself some boulders; chase the burn, embrace the burn.




What’s your favorite shoulder exercise?



Freelance Design: Slap Nutrition Pumpkin Spice Preworkout

I’m sitting here listening to Skrillex & Biebs’ new song that I’m absolutely shamelessly OBSESSED with and staring at my freshly-printed labels that I had recently created for Jason and Slap. Super stoked to see my work in action and being produced in mass quantities. if you haven’t ordered this preworkout – I HIGHLY suggest you do ASAP. It’s the most delicious preworkout (or possibly drink mix) I’ve ever had. You can also get yourself a discount on anything at using my code MEGMO. 😉




As a Slap Nutrition team member and athlete, I’ve been able to really dive into & experience what this brand is all about – supplements that not only support the human body in a variety of aspects, but also support the humanity and happiness of it’s customers as well. When designing labels for Slap, I consciously keep in mind that it’s what’s inside that plastic tub that has to be kept super clean, pristine and straight-forward. The label, however, should be explored in a more casual, fun and inviting way. I experimented with quite a few color palettes, image ideas and wording before I discovered something I was 100% pleased with. Jason didn’t originally want the typical “black label” that most supplement companies used, but I really felt that the pumpkin & spirit of the product popped the most on this background. Plus, the tub is still white, so there’s that contrast as well. And honestly, what supplement company is ballsy and intuitive enough make a friggin’ pumpkin spice flavored preworkout with a giant slap hand slapping a ludicrous-looking pumpkin on their label? Yeah, only slap.




I decided on a giant, grinning pumpkin as the main focus next to the brands’ slap hand, as well as a slice of pumpkin pie (with whipped cream, chicks dig it, bro!) to further evaluate the name of the supplement, it’s flavor and “spice” – which is typically humorous and sarcastic when it comes to Slap Nutrition.




Oh, and nope, it’s not seasonal. #win


What’s your ideal drink mix flavor?

Have you tried any Slap products?



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